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“Shinetown Telecom” HuaLong 4G LTE One Year Prepaid Card

By simcat

May 30, 2017

Prepaid SIM cards

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“Shinetown Telecom” HuaLong 4G LTE One Year Prepaid Card


1 year
SIM size: Mini, Micro, Nano
Speed: 4G LTE
HK$ 168 Starting Data-Limit: 2 GB

Buy refill Data-Limits at 7-Eleven stores.

HK$  48 Refill Data-Limit: 1 GB
HK$  88 Refill Data-Limit: 2 GB
HK$ 188 Refill Data-Limit: 5 GB

“Shinetown Telecom” HuaLong 4G LTE One Year Prepaid Card
is the telecom company Shinetown Telecom’s prepaid SIM card for tourists staying in Hong Kong for 1 year. With 2 GB of starting Internet surfing (Data-Limits).

When you run out of Internet surfing (Data-Limits) you simply go to the nearest 7-Eleven store and purchase an e-voucher.

Don’t know how to find your way to your desired destination in your travels? Then just start the Google Maps app for quick and easy directions, no more trying to decipher where you are on a paper printed map.

Need to keep in touch with your foreign friends but don’t have their phone numbers? Then just use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp for reliable contact information.

Don’t know how to say a particular word in your travels? Then just jump on the Internet and show the locals what you mean if there is a language barrier. With the Internet at your fingertips life as a tourist improves greatly no matter where you travel.

This SIM card product from Shinetown Telecom supports all of the most common SIM card sizes Mini-SIM, Micro-SIM and Nano-SIM. The Mini-SIM card is also known by these names: Standard-SIM or Normal-SIM. The speed for this product is 4G LTE.

You can find this SIM card product at 7-Eleven stores.

HK simcat thinks that this prepaid SIM card product from telecom company Shinetown Telecom have easy to understand terms and conditions which is very rare in Hong Kong.  They offer prepaid mobile data plans without constraint and contract-binding for your choice.  Something that HK simcat always like.

The negative thing about this product however.  Is that Shinetown Telecom’s refill price table doesn’t reflect what the prices are at the 7-Eleven stores.  Conflicting information towards the customers is NOT something that HK simcat likes.

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