March 3


Data Roaming? It’s a Trap!

By simcat

March 3, 2017

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Data Roaming is a complicated subject both for the Telecom operators and their customers.  To make a long story short, the only thing that you need to know about Data Roaming.

Is that enabling it = Losing money more quickly.

Because currently at the year 2017 there is still no standard charge rates when traveling between different countries.  There is no easy way to predict how much more it will cost you when enabling Data Roaming.  You will only know for sure how much it has cost you, at the end of the month when you get hit by the Roaming Bill Shock.  It’s like the lottery but in reverse you will most likely always win, and when you do you have to pay the gambling company.  In this case it’s the Telecom operators that are the sharks and you the tourist is the fish.  Just knowing this little fact is enough to help you loose money more slowly.  But in the end the “Casino” always wins.

So in conclusion I’ll end with a quote spoken by the greatest fish of them all, Admiral Ackbar.

It’s a Trap!  😉

What you can do to change the telecom industry?

In order to change the telecom industry and improve things for us consumers.  When it comes to traveling between different countries with your mobile phone without fear of getting a roaming bill shock.  You can share your horror stories with the world and together we can build a database of information, to display which companies are going to be the worse for us consumers.

Instagram@realhksimcat  #RoamingItsaTrap

1.) Share your “Roaming Bill Shock” pictures at the above hash tag.
2.) Write origin country and destination country.
3.) Write which operator your phone has.
4.) Write how much extra your monthly bill ended up with.


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