April 5


“CMHK” 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card (Data-Limits NOT included!)

By simcat

April 5, 2017

Prepaid SIM cards

6 months
SIM size: Mini, Micro, Nano
Speed: 4G/3G
HK$ 80 Starting Data-Limit: 0 GB

Needs WiFi access to buy Data-Limits!

1 day  HK$  50 Upgrade Data-Limit: 0.2 GB
1 day  HK$ 148 Upgrade Data-Limit: 1.0 GB
5 days HK$  48 Upgrade Data-Limit: 1.5 GB

CMHK Service Activation

  1. In Hong Kong call 193 193 to activate your SIM card.
  2. Visit CMHK website or CMHK app to purchase Data-Limits.  You might need WiFi to perform this step.

Product page:



“CMHK” 4G/3G Data & Voice Prepaid SIM Card (Data-Limits NOT included!)


Purchase locations:

CMHK shops 7-Eleven Circle K convenience stores VanGO convenience stores


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