Pre-flight checklist

  1. Is your mobile phone locked to only one mobile phone operator?
  2. If locked contact your operator for unlock instructions.  If it works it should only take a few hours to fix.  If there is a legacy system problem normally with older phones it can take weeks to fix.
  3. What SIM card size does your mobile phone support?


  • Mini/Standard/Normal-SIM
  • Micro-SIM
  • Nano-SIM

Pre-buy checklist

  1. Does the prepaid SIM card product include mobile Internet data?
  2. Does it support iPhone, Android or both?
  3. Does your phone support 5G (coming year 2020), 4G or 3G?
  4. What starting data limit (數據 限制) does the prepaid SIM card include 1GB, 2GB or 5GB?
  5. How long will the prepaid SIM card product be valid 5 days (日=days), 10 days or 30 days?
  6. Do you need network coverage only for Hong Kong or do you also need coverage for Macau or mainland China?

Make your prepaid SIM card work checklist

  1. If it’s a good prepaid SIM card product then all you have to do is replace your SIM card in the phone.  Then everything should work right away even the Internet.
  2. But if you got a confusing SIM card product then there are a bunch of instructions you need to go through.  Contact the operator about those instructions if you can’t make it work.
  3. Some prepaid SIM card products also need you to type in the APN configurations.  The procedures for this are different for different versions of Android.  So you will have to google it to see how to find your APN on your specific phone.  But here’s a good place to start your search:


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