Hong Kong prepaid SIM cards,

simcat or “caht” to be exact is how you pronounce SIM card in Chinese-Cantonese dialect.
The purpose of this website is to help tourists travelling to Hong Kong, to acquire a prepaid SIM card with mobile Internet data package.  As quick and easy as possible.  For using Google Maps, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. etc.


Robot_Surf_01_560x420So you as a tourist don’t accidentally end up with a $ 1.000 mobile phone bill.  From your own country’s mobile phone operator for using your phone in a different country.

Also the other purpose of this website is to help you filter away all the confusing and useless packages out there on the Hong Kong market.  What HK simcat likes are easy to understand products with no weird extension plans that’s hard to keep track of.  The easier products are, the easier it is to save money.


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